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Register Cbox
Annyeong haseyo chingu. Dulu amoy guna shoutmix but starting tahun nie kena bayar so amoy lari dekat cbox. Hikss.

Go to this WEBSITE to start register. Macam gambar nie :

Korang click 'Get your own free Cbox now!' [ macam gambar ]

Korang isi lah apa-apa yang patut yeaa. Website tu letak URL blog korang kay. Style tu amoy guna TRANSPARENT so its up too you lah : ) Then don't forget to click "I have read and do agree to the Cbox terms and conditions of service" okay? Then click "Create my Cbox!"

Nanti keluar macam gambar di atas nie kan? So go to your EMAIL : )

Cari message macam gambar nie and click it.

Nanti ada message panjang macam gambar atas nie kan? Then korang click link yang amoy bulat kan tu [ macam gambar ]

Next dia keluar macam nie kan? [ macam gambar ] Korang Log In macam biasa okay?

Your Cbox Home nanti jadi macam nie kan? Next korang tawaf laa kat website tu yeaa, hehe : ) Biar amoy bagitahu basic about cbox. Korang try click Look & Feel nanti korang dapat macam gambar bawah nie kan?

Layout Options : place for you adjust size height and width cbox.
Style Presets : jenis or style cbox korang.
Colours & Fonts : edit colour cbox and font korang.

Lepas dah edit semua, nak amik code cbox pulak. Korang click Publish! and copy all the code okay. Macam gambar nie :

Dashboard > Design > Add A Gadget > HTML/Javascript

Pastekan code yang korang copy tadi dekat HTML/Javascript kay. Done! Nak letak smile dekat cbox? Coming soon : )


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